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Whether your project is large or small, we have the wood product for you. With the highest environmental reccomendation from Evironmental Evaluation of Building Products and Healthy Building, our products have the highest eco-classification on the market. They are at their best in tough environments where durability and flame resistance is vital. However the looks alone - beautiful natural coloured timber that ages gracefully to a silver-grey - are probably reasons enough for many to choose OrganoWood® ...


OrganoWood® is often specified to meet the high performance requirements for private and public wooden decking construction projects such as Skanska's new headquarters in Stockholm. The products from the OrganoWood® system, 01. Protection and 02. Repellent both harden the surface which makes it feels smoother and is less inclined to split, crack or create splinters. This makes the decking safe to be walked on barefoot, without the need for shoes.


An economical solution for schools, nurseries, public playgrounds and parks is the OrganoWood® wood protection system, providing the ideal specification without using toxic chemicals or heavy metals to secure a safe environment for children and animals with as little maintenance as possible. Sometimes you see that car tyres are used for swings and sandboxes built from treated wood. Not many people realise the environmental dangers that children encounter in pre-schools. Veronika Prince is a pre-school director at Chestnut Nursery in Midsommarkransen, outside Stockholm. She also thinks that a non-toxic environment for children in preschools around the world is a priority - "It is something we work continuously with. We serve organic food to the children, among other things." tells Veronica Prince. "A large part of our external environment consists of decking and fencing treated with OrganoWood®. Our kids can play in a safe outdoor environment."


The demand for sustainable materials across Europe is growing. Architects are regularly seeking to minimise the negative environmental impact of cladded buildings by using eco-friendly woodwork materials which meet the requirements of flame retardant properties. OrganoWood®-modified wood and OrganoWood® 01. Protection meets those high requirements with additional dirt and water protection from 02. Repellent.


Trysunda Nature Reserve in Örnsköldsvik is a Marine Protected Area treated with OrganoWood® 01. Protection and 02. Repellent to offer one of the most beautiful and diverse marine ecosystems in the world with a safeguard for future generations to enjoy. Organowood® wood protection system offers both quality and a cost-effective solution to protect marine wood, jetties and pool decking from new construction to every day maintenance, offering a long lasting finish while vastly reducing valuable time spent on daily upkeep.


If you're the proud owner of attractive looking wooden fencing it would be a shame to leave it unprotected, chances are you would prefer to maintain not only the natural beauty but also stop it from splitting. Wood fencing should always be protected, so that it is able to maintain a solid and strong structure. Fencing can also be appealing in public places such as Trelleborg Central Station, at the southern tip of Sweden whereby the fencing has been treated with OrganoWood® 01. Protection and 02. Repellent. Additional flame redartant protection and extreme dirt and water repellence without the use of heavy metals and chemicals is important to retain a healthy living environment.


Wood is a very versatile material for vegetable gardens. Whether it is used to create raised beds, the edges of paths or a frame for protective netting -  wood is the natural choice for many gardeners. As a sustainable resource, it not only looks good but is also great for vegetable beds that hold in compost as well as keeping out pests. Yet, the question of how to keep the wood in good condition has not always been as simple it is appears. Pressure treated timber contains arsenic compounds (CCAs) and heavy metals.  Oil-based preservatives may contain fungicides or biocides whilst water-based preservatives are believed to be safe to humans and plant but are not durable enough to last for the long-term. Maintenance needs to be minimal as recoating onto a surface permanently in contact with earth can be very difficult. OrganoWood® wood protection system provides the ideal solution thanks to the organic compounds which are entirely safe for vegetable gardens and offer durability with as little maintenance as possible.